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Our mission is to use Knowledge as an Empowerment tool to sow the Seed of Change at a Young age.

Who Are We?

Our Initiative

Putali Nepal is a non-profit organization working primarily in the field of education, environment and health.Our aim is to enhance sustainable community development while largely emphasizing upon using education as a tool for change and transformation.

Our Work

We design and create child friendly educational tools in order to disseminate knowledge regarding existing social issues to the children and young adults in the community. By using inquiry based educational tools, we facilitate children to be the change-makers in the society.


The name Putali (meaning Butterfly in Nepali language) not only expresses the potential for transformation in every individual but also refers to our vision of creating the Butterfly Effect: A Tiny Seed of Change Can Bring about Great Transformation.

Flagship Projects

We promote social and behaviour transformation

The Butterfly Project reflects our vision of Butterfly Effect. Through our workshops and training, we implement enquiry based customized learning programs where children ,young adults and general community members are facilitated to understand the existing social issues and explore their potential to solve them in their own capacities. This, we believe will enhance their interest as well as passion in terms of bringing change in the community through the meaningful steps our participants take that could bring long lasting social as well as behavioral transformation in the long run.
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