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Our Ruby Cup Training

  • addresses questions on menstruation in a culturally-sensitive and age-appropriate way
  • creates a comfortable environment to share experiences
  • introduces eco-friendly alternatives to deal with periods
  • supports participants during the first few months of usage

In our Ruby Cup training we aim to create a safe space for girls and women to have period conversations. This 3-hours long session, led by an experienced trainer covers topics on the usage of Ruby Cup, a Q&A session and a short review about the topic of menstruation. In order to ensure time for personal questions and active involvement the maximum number of participants is limited to 20. Please note that basic knowledge about the body, puberty and menstruation is required to participate in this training. We also accompany new users during their first months of use and evaluate the program after three months together.


We are always glad to collaborate for our training programs. However, we do recommend our collaborators to reach out to us 3 weeks prior to the training and help us with managing the venue as well as the logistics (particularly, projector and laptop) for smooth functioning of the training.