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Menstrupedia comic is a friendly guide to healthy periods. This illustrative comic largely explaining different aspects of menstrupedia gives an interactive overview through cartoon characters teaching young girls aged 9-14 years, younger or older. This comic provides comfort and ease to the parents and teachers in terms of talking and helping the young girls understand about menstruation in a more comprehensive way. Although this book is specifically for girls, even boys would find it an interesting and informative read. The use of this comic is found to be equally informative and effective to the older women. 

By using Menstrupedia Comic as an educational tool we aspire to inform and provide knowledge about menstruation to the communities and especially young girls and also women and also help them solve issues related to menstruation. 

Product Features

  1. Available in 2 languages
    Currently Menstrupedia Comic is available in Nepali and English language for the Nepali market.

  2. Recommended for the age of 9+
    A comic book for girls and boys from roughly 5th to 10th grade. But also parents, teachers, health workers and activists will find the story inspiring and useful to open up the conversation on puberty and periods with children and youth.

  3. Medically accurate, culturally sensitive and based on real life stories
    Developed in India by Aditi Gupta and Tuhin Paul in consultation with medical doctors, Menstrupedia comic is a perfect teaching tool for schools, reproductive health programs and parents at home.

Price: NRS 550

The price of a menstrupedia comic is Rs. 550, and is negotiable for bulk orders (over 100 pieces).

Where can you find

It is available at Kar.Ma Coffee, Jhamsikhel, Ananda Tree House, Boudha, For further information or for the requirement of 5 or more comics please contact us on our social media platforms and our representatives shall guide you with the process.

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