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May 25, 2022
Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia Class of 2022

Listed on the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia Class of 2022 List under Social Impact Category

February 14, 2022
Launch of SexEd Unfiltred Podcast Series

A podcast series launched in partnership with Stand We Speak and in collaboration with Yunus and Youth. The candid, interactive and game based podcast was launched with the aim to discuss and reflecting upon the topics of love, relationships, sex, and identity that are often soaked in shame and stigma all around the world.

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November 2021
Launch of Internship Program

We launched our first Internship Program with the mission of providing the platforms to the youth who are passionate about creating an impact in the larger society and also an opportunity to sharpen their professional competence and execute their leadership and creative skills.

August 2021
Yunus and Youth Global Fellowship

Putali Nepal was selected as the top 35 leading business from among 130 different countries to be part of the 2021 global fellowship cohort . The 6 months online based social business training strengthens social business to achieve financial sustainability and scale their social and sustainable impact.

August 2021
Launch of Global Guy Talk

Global guy talk is an initiation by Swedish Institute and the non-profit foundation Make Equal with the aim of gathering men and talking on issues that men rarely talk about.Underscoring the need for gender equality, through Global Guy Talk, Putali Nepal took initiation on issues that is most commonly associated with women only. Topics associated with Love, Friendship, Vulnerability and Ego were discussed.

July 2021

Social Media Campaign that encouraged young menstruators to express their view, experience and support they require from their family members during menstruation.

June 2021

Social media campaign launched during the Pride Month of 2021 to celebrate the menstruators of all genders by sharing Menstrual Experience of a member from a Transgender community and different illustrations that promoted Pride Menstruation.

May 2021
Project Timi Ra Ma Celebrating MHM Month

Social Media campaign launched in the form of audio series to celebrate MHM Month 2021 by engaging men and boys in period conversations.

February 2021
Launch of Menstrupedia Talk with Samanata

Online Period Conversation Series facilitated by Putali Nepal’s Child Ambassador Samanatha Shrestha with young girls to help girls in menarche effectively transit through their periods.

April 2021
Launch of Let’s Talk

Online thematic discussion forum launched during first COVID-19 lockdown that provided space for youngsters to foster virtual social interaction and initiate healthy discussion on topics concerning health & fitness, gender and sexuality, sexual and reproductive health and 21st century education.

December 2020
Debunking Menstrual Myths

Social Media Campaign launched to identify  the stereotypes existing in the society associated with periods and also give facts that scientifically contradict the myths.

May 2020